The First Step To Success Is To Have A Little Money to Work With.

Warren Contreras

"It Takes Money to Make Money" is TRUE,
  but it doesn't have to be YOUR MONEY!

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 I quickly learned that retirement is no fun without money, but fortunately the Internet helped.

WARNING: Being tempted by a quick EASY FORTUNE is asking for trouble. The con men online know where to find the easy marks and how to get them to pull out their credit cards sooner or later. Don't Be One Of Them!

What I want to show you here today, is a few websites that have been paying me for several years where you can get started with little or no money. Then if you want to bet the farm later on, at least you won't be putting the family budget at risk. I have never used anything but the money I made from my Internet activity to make thousands of dollars and that makes my wife very happy!


No matter what you decide to use to make money online, you won't get far without having potential teammates to share it with.

There are more free advertising websites around than you will ever be able to test and I have accounts with hundreds of them myself, but if you want to get started with the Real Deal I can save you some time.

I have finally distilled 14 years of experience with free traffic exchanges down to just ONE, then everything else I play with funnels into my blog about that one traffic exchange.

Having a blog lends authority to your message and the cost is so little, it's crazy not to have one. My hosting is only $1 a month at and the only other expense is the domain name registration, which is even less than that. Click the banner below and have a look.

Spend Some Time Here


Advertisers are willing to pay you for participating in free websites and finding others to do the same and this activity has already paid me thousands of dollars and I still do it.

Some people don't like websites like this, because they think they have to do trial offers and surveys in order to make money. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE HERE!

I have a routine that only takes minutes to complete each day and provides me at least $30 a month COUNTING A FEW REFERRAL BONUSES, which are not that hard to get. After all, who can't give away free money?

Free Money at FusionCash!

REQUIRED: You must access Fusioncash from your own home computer in the US or Canada to get paid.

The banner above updates my earnings in real time and they give you the cut and paste code to use one yourself. Don't think because you are new without a lot of earnings it won't work. In fact I almost think it works better, if you show it to people who know you.



Keep It Simple

It's easy to feel like a baby getting a drink from a firehose after you spend a little time looking around at all that is offered online, but don't let that stop you from doing something TODAY!

What I would suggest, is get involved in a community that focuses on online income. Wealthy Affiliate is a top rated resource and they have started taking new accounts with $0 fees. That's right, you can get extremely valuable advice and help from the community and apply it to your own free website. There is no better way to learn and grow!

Check out my free website


You could never know how many people laughed at me when I told them I clicked on ads for a penny each, but now I am the one laughing all the way to the bank!

Most people just lack the vision to see beyond today (let alone into next year) but trust me, these pennies add up to be dollars and if you get a few friends interested it can happen faster than you think.

Each of the programs on this page have paid me many times. Who cares if it took a couple of years, I was not doing much anyway except fooling around online.


Where Are You?This came to light when getting found showed up as a problem for someone in the Fusioncash forum today. They do not allow links, email addresses or other contact information to be posted, but if you planned ahead you can drop little hints that allow people to find you on Google. It should be obvious that getting found can lead to contacts that produce more income for both of you.

So the key is, to improve your position in the search results pages for a particular keyword phrase and then talk about it in the forum, so they get the idea to search for it. Of course my favorite keyword phrase to do this with is my own user name (oldbuddy).

You should get the idea and a very inexpensive (but not free) method for accomplishing that goal is to have a Website like this one. There are some links on this page to help you find the resources I use to get this done. I spread the cost over several different sites to lower the cost to a couple of bucks a month each.

If you want to start out small and don't mind using a subdomain, you can have a page like this one and several Splash Pages to advertise with all in one place for only $1 a month. Click Here for Examples

That should give you a good start, but contact me if you need specific help.

Good luck on Getting Found.


What I am about to share with you here is by far the most valuable information I have learned in the 13 years I have been earning online and it works free, over and over again.

BreadcrumbsAn analogy I like is the Breadcrumb Theory. If you had to capture some birds (remember, it's just an analogy) would you run through a field wildly waving a blanket trying to knock down a few, or throw some breadcrumbs in a corner and wait for them to find you?

So spread a few breadcrumbs every day! Before long, people will make comments like, "Dang, I see you everywhere". It's not that they didn't see everyone else, it's that they REMEMBERED YOU!

Set up profiles complete with photos and a few links to outside sites in several communities. The only reason I use outside websites (like this one) is to gain more control and a more professional image, but you can stick with free ones. Just realize that everyone that visits knows you are probably not making any money, or you would not need to use free sites.

Then I blog inside the communities to attract more people, which helps me have a better chance to solve their problem, right? Each blog entry gets linked in my profile, so all that is left is to post intelligent comments that attract people to visit my profile to learn how I can help them.

Give it a try!


Getting HelpMost Guru websites tell you to include a capture form on your pages so you can hammer people later with offers that make you money, but I don't agree.

I have had many Lists over the years, but I learned that no matter how well you cultivate them they ALL DIE! I would much rather build an active thriving network by actually helping people make money instead of just a list.

I do that with a free communication tool (you probably thought was just for webcams) called Skype. If people don't have enough trust or confidence that I can help them, I am not really interested in wasting my time or theirs.

So if what you read here generates some interest or questions, get a free copy of Skype installed on your computer and do a search for oldbuddy70 to find me. I leave my Skype on all the time, so if you notice I am not around just leave a message.

The main reason I prefer Skype is for text messaging. It keeps each discussion archived for a year and never loses them in spam filters like email does. That's just ONE reason.

Click Here For Another Way



Warren Contreras I got an email the other day from Jimmy D. Brown, who I have watched for many years and profited from his advice over and over, as long as I kept a close eye on my credit card.

He talked about 3 keys to kickstart your online income in 24 hours and reading through it made me realize exactly what I have been doing to reach my online income goals and how anyone else could do the same thing.

His answers were to (1)FOCUS . . . like a laser beam . . . streamline your daily activities . . . spend time on what works . . . over and over . . . wash, rinse and repeat. Quit being distracted by every new get rich plan you see.

I know that sounds boring, but that is what makes it easy to (2)SYSTEMIZE. For example I start the morning with Fusioncash where I complete my favorite offers, check my balance and post a few times in the forum. Then I am pretty much DONE with Fusioncash for the day in about 10 minutes. I KNOW that if I persist for a month or so, I WILL get paid a little and if I (3)STICK TO IT for years, it will add THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to my PayPal account. I have watched it happen over and over with this and many other programs! It really is that simple.

None of the other programs I use are movers and shakers either and I am they sure will not provide overnight riches, but that is not why I picked them. After reflecting on what has happened to me, I realize that I am very happy seeing my cash flow steadily grow over the years and enjoy what it has brought me, so why go off chasing rainbows? Making money clicking for a penny is simple, rewarding and even fun to watch it slowly grow, rather than spending a collective fortune on pipe dreams or making monthly payments that never produce a profit (which I have done).

I no longer hesitate to dump 80% of the emails I get without even looking at them and get on with my life. I know my friends can reach me on Skype and they have my phone number in cases that are urgent. If I take a few hours just to go shopping with my wife, there is NO STRESS over being away from the computer any more. When I do have time to spend online, I enjoy interacting with friends (both new and old) as I spread a few more breadcrumbs to attract people to my pages and as I help them, I will continue growing my income no matter what else I am doing, even sleeping.

Now that I have had some success, I no longer need to continuously try to shove every opportunity in another face, I just relax and the ones who are ready will find me. I can not tell you how sweet that is, you just need to get there yourself to find out. I CAN tell you there are millions of people desperately looking for the same thing and once they comprehend the full impact of what I have done and realize they can do it too, getting referrals will no longer be a problem.

So you decide if you are going to keep struggling, or change your lifestyle like I did? The journey to $1,000 a month in free money starts by earning a single penny and the longer you wait to get started along this new path, the more likely it is you never will. - The Law of Diminishing Intent

If you need even more than you find here, I think the best way to generate a growing income is to stop looking for more ways to risk everything on something new and take advantage of what you already spend on and need to keep. Click Here To See

If you wonder why I saved my best and highest paying opportunity for the bottom of my website, it's because you MUST build trust and interest in yourself, before you can expect people to be interested in what you have to offer. I hope I did that for you.